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OrtenClinic is a help diagnostic medical software dedicated to the orthopedic field. It allows to assess torso deformities from 3D shapes as scoliosis and chest wall deformities. With his longitudinal analysis feature, you can follow-up clinical parameters and see evolutions of the pathology. This software is an efficiency way to get objective measurements for your medical exams. Moreover, you can print patient’s OrtenClinic synopsis and complete the patient health record.


From the spinal line, the software can assess:

  • back posture of the back (kyphosis/lordosis ratio)
  • Measurement of sagittal arrows (sagittal deport of spinal line)
  • Measurement of frontal arrows (frontal deport of spinal line)
  • Scoliosis signature
  • and many others measurements…



OrtenClinic is the first medical software which able to assess objectively chest wall deformities:

  • Depth of funnel chest for pectus excavatum or height of pigeon chest for pectus carinatum
  • Detection of Hybrid pectus & Currarino silverman syndrom
  • Anteroposterior distance (from pectus point to the back)
  • Useful indexes to assess severity of deformity
  • and many others measurements…


Developed with medical teams

OrtenClinic is the result of several years of work with medical teams specialized in orthopaedic field. Solutions brought by the software are adapted and directly applicable in medical department.

Keywords: Scoliosis, back, deformity, thorax, 3D, pectus, non invasive, external, medical, software, measurements, quantification, spinal line, external Haller index, external correction index, OrtenClinic


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