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Orten is a company of R&D in computer science created on 1996 by Groupe Lecante, Exclusively for the orthopedic field.

So we have high experience of 20 years with O&P of Lecante. The tools have been designed to meet the needs of Lecante and our customers.
All tools, hardware and software are tested by Lecante before being marketed and being installed at customer’s company.

On 1996, we have created our own 3D scanner using structure lights technology. This system is still used in some hospitals and private companies, which able to scan the body patient in 2 seconds!

Then, we have been the first to propose on 2003 3D modelization system from numeric pictures (from camera or cell phone), without the add of manual measurements, for the design of brace of immobilized patients. This solution is still commercialized and is compatible with the majority of smartphones on the market.

On 2010, we became the worldwide distributor for medicine field of ARTEC scanners. These professional hand scanners meet perfectly the needs of O&P.
Recently, we have designed two new 3D scanners ( OrtenBody[one] and OrtenBody[360] ) which allows to scan fastly the body patient with textures. OrtenClinic is the last software released by Orten and is designed more specifically for doctors to do the quantification and follow-up of torso pathologies. These works are the results of research performed with medical teams.

Orten company has a quality management system which fulfills ISO 9001 requirements (Quality management) since 2007 and ISO 13485 (Medical devices –  Quality management system – Requirements for regulatory purposes) since 2009.


It’s with great excitement that we unveil our new website to you. Happy browsing!

Pascal Genevois, Orten director.

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